Can someone tell me what to do on this ):
Can someone tell me what to do on this ): - 1


Answer 1
Answer: On the periodic table, you will see that they are grouped into different groups. Well, on the right, you have the groups, obviously. You are supposed to match the elements to the group that it is in.

(If you don't know the groups, you can find one online under images.)
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In what structures do the enzymes actually chemically digest food?
The process of grouping things based on their similarities
Earthquakes are usually associated with _____. a. violent weather b. faults c. large cities d. the east coast of North America
Which of the following is an unsegmented animal with a free-swimming larval stage? A. flatworm. B. annelid. C. mollusk. D. echinoderm
Which of these can be found in both gymnosperms and angiosperms

What is the difference between Primary and Secondary Succession?



Some differences between primary and secondary succession are:

-Secondary succession happens on a previously existing community that has been cleared.

Another difference would be:

-Pioneer species for secondary succession are adapted differently- they grow quickly, can disperse quickly and have a short life span

And finally:

-Primary succession develops a new community from scratch

Not sure if you were looking for this, sorry if this is not correct.

How is carbon reintroduced into the atmosphere?


There are three primary methods for reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere: employing energy efficiency and conservation practices; using carbon-free or reduced-carbon energy resources; and capturing and storing carbon either from fossil fuels or from the atmosphere.

Is green light most or least useful in photosynthesis? Why?


Green is the least useful light for photosynthesis. We know that becsuse plants look green, so we know that the plant doesn't absorb green. It just discards it.
it is least useful or effective in photosynthesis,,,
the chlorophyll where light is trapped is itself green in colour...
so when sunlight falls on it ,, it traps all lights but not the green colour... and reflects green light so this green is not used or least used as it is reflected....
also plants appear green due to this reflection....

One of the reasons for the success of the smallpox eradication campaign was thata. smallpox viruses were used in the vaccine.
b. smallpox was not a transmissible disease.
c. smallpox occurred only in humans.
d. smallpox occurred only in south america.
e. smallpox could be treated with antibiotics.


One of the reasons for the success of the smallpox eradication campaign was that small pox only occurred in humans. Smallpox is an extremely contagious and deadly virus for which there is no known cure. it is caused by two variants, Variola major and Variola minor. it is a disease of the past that was eliminated by worldwide vaccination. 

If scientists find something they think is living on mars or Venus how will they know it is actually living



testing to see if it has cells


They would investigate it

Which of the following is responsible for transmitting an impulse across a synapse to another cell?a. Dendrites
b. Axons
c. Neurotransmitters
d. Thresholds


The appropriate response is neurotransmitters. It is a compound substance that is discharged toward the finish of a nerve fiber by the entry of a nerve motivation and, by diffusing over the neural connection or intersection, makes the exchange of the drive another nerve fiber, a muscle fiber, or some other structure.
The option which is responsible for transmitting an impulse across a synapse to another cell is C. neurotransmitters. The name itself says it all - a neurotransmitter transmits impulses through neurons, and thus an effect is created in a person's brain and body. The other options do other things that are not mentioned in this question, so they aren't correct answers here.