A circle is divided into 6 equal parts. What is the angle measure of 1 part?


Answer 1
Answer: The angle measure of one part will be 60.

360/6 = 60 

That is because the circle it divided into 6 equal parts and the whole circle is 360.

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A increase, because less stores means more people going to the other ones, which means more money for the owners, which means if they raise the proces, people still need cloths sothey will still buy

Step-by-step explanation:

Increase because there aren’t many clothes now

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Answer: 1/5, 5

Step-by-step explanation:


I dont know why my answer was removed but here it is again with proof

1st. 1/5

2nd. 5

Step-by-step explanation:

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Convert x2 + y2 = 16 to polar form.r = 16

r = 4

θ = 16

θ = 4


The polar form of the equation x² + y² = 16 is x = 4 or y = 4 or r = 4 ( x = y = r = 4) option (B) is correct.

What is the polar equation?

A polar coordinate system is a two-dimensional coordinate system in which a distance from a reference point and an angle from a reference direction identify each point on a plane.

It is given that:

The rectangular form of an equation is:

x² + y² = 16

The above equation representing a circle equation:

We can write the above equation as follows:

x² + y² = 4²

As we know, the polar form of the equation is:

x = r cos(θ)

y = r sin(θ)

r is the radius of the circle

r = 4

θ is the angle made by the component of x and y:

tanθ = y/x

tanθ = r/r;  x = y = r

tanθ = 1

θ = 45 degrees

Thus, the polar form of the equation x² + y² = 16 is x = 4 or y = 4 or r = 4 ( x = y = r = 4) option (B) is correct.

Learn more about the polar form here:



The Correct Answer is Option

r = 4

Ex. CONVERT 2 + 2 = 4 x 4 = 16 

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15 cos(33°) m

Step-by-step explanation

Presumably m stands for meters.

If RS were 1, x would be cos(33°)

Multiply sides of triangle by 15 m

When calculating cos(33°) first make sure cos(90°) comes out zero, not -0.448...

Please answer asap...........



A. distributive property

PLEASE HELP ASAP!!! :)Using the remainder theorem, what is the remainder of the quotient of x^3– 6x^2 + 4x– 5 and 1 - 3?

B. -20
D. 34


The remainder of the quotient is -20.

Option B is the correct answer.

What is an expression?

An expression is a way of writing a statement with more than two variables or numbers with operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Example: 2 + 3x + 4y = 7 is an expression.

We have,

x³ - 6x² + 4x - 5 and x - 3


x - 3 ) x³ - 6x² + 4x - 5 ( x² - 3x - 5

         x³ - 3x²

       (-)    (+)

             -3x² + 4x

             -3x² + 9x

          (+)      (-)

                    -5x - 5

                    -5x + 15

                (+)      (-)



The remainder is -20.

Learn more about expressions here:




The correct answer is B. -20.

Step-by-step explanation:

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