Fourth term of sequence is 216, sixth term 96


Answer 1
Answer: 312 I think, hop[e this helps

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What's the range of this function graph​
Which equation represents the vertex form of the equation y=x^2-20x+104?
The total of 8 and the product of x and 2
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at the same time a 15 foot pole casts a 7.5 foot shadow a nearby tree casts an 11 foot shadow how tall is the tree​

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6n - 3(2n - 5)



6n - 3(2n-5)

mutiply the bracket by -3

(-3)(2n)= -6n

(-3)(-5)= 15






25-foot long board is to be cut into two parts. The longer part is one foot more than twice the shorter part. How long is each part?


To solve this problem you must apply the following proccedure:

 1. You have that 25-foot long board is to be cut into two parts. Then, the first equation is:


The longer part is one foot more than twice the shorter part:


 3. The system of equation is:


 4. When you solve it, you obtain:


 b=8 ft

 a=17 ft

The graph of f(x) = x2 was transformed to create the graph of g(x) = (x − 7.5)2. Which of these describes this transformation?A.
A horizontal shift to the right 7.5 units

A horizontal shift to the left 7.5 units

A vertical shift down 56.25 units

A vertical shift up 56.25 units



  A.  A horizontal shift to the right 7.5 units

Step-by-step explanation:

Replacing x with x-7.5 shifts the graph 7.5 units to the right.


In general, g(x) = f(x-h)+k will shift h units right and k units up. In this problem there is no vertical shift.

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The answer is (6).
Congruent triangles have the same angles and sides. If you look at the 2nd triangle in answer (6) a certain way, then you can see that the two are congruent.
Let me know if this helped or not. :)

1) A 15 foot flagpole casts an 11 foot shadow. At the exact same time a 28 foot tree casts a shadow. Which proportion would correctly find the length of the tree's shadow? A) x 28 = 11 15 B) x 28 = 15 11 C) 28 x = 11 15 D) x 15 = 11 28



The model involves similar triangles with the ratios of corresponding sides being equal

let x be the length of the tree's shadow, then

(28)/(15) = (x)/(11) ( cross- multiply )

15x = 11 × 28



Step-by-step explanation:

i went to K12

Which expression is equivalent to the given expression? 2x - 11x-6 A. 2(x – 3) (x + 1) B. (2x + 3)(x- 2) C. (2x+ 1)(x- 6) D. 2(x + 3)(x- 2)​



Option C. (2x + 1)(x - 6)

Step-by-step explanation:

To know which option is equivalent to 2x² - 11x - 6, we shall simplify the expression as follow:

2x² - 11x - 6

Multiply the 1st term (i.e 2x²) and last term (i.e - 6) together. This is illustrated below:

2x² × - 6 = - 12x²

Next, find two factors of - 12x² such that when we add them together, it will result to the 2nd term (i.e - 11x) in the expression above.

The factors are x and - 12x

Next, replace - 11x with x and - 12x in the expression 2x² - 11x - 6 as shown below:

2x² - 11x - 6

2x² + x - 12x - 6

Next, we shall factorise the expression 2x² + x - 12x - 6 as follow:

2x² + x - 12x - 6

x(2x + 1) - 6(2x + 1)

(2x + 1)(x - 6)


2x² - 11x - 6 is equivalent to (2x + 1)(x - 6)

Final answer:

The simplified form of the given expression is -9x - 6. Unfortunately, none of the provided options A, B, C or D is equivalent to this expression when simplified.


This question is centered around the idea of finding an expression that is equivalent to the given. First step is to simplify the given expression, which is 2x - 11x - 6. To simplify, combine like terms that leads to -9x - 6.

Next, we look at each of the provided options to find which one would simplify to the same expression:

A. 2 (x - 3) (x + 1) simplifies to 2x^2 -4x - 6 which isn't equal to -9x - 6

B. (2x + 3) (x - 2) simplifies to 2x^2-4x -6, which again doesn't match our given expression.

C. (2x + 1) (x - 6) simplifies to 2x^2 - 12x - 1, which doesn't match as well.

D. 2 (x + 3) (x - 2) simplifies to 2x^2 -2x -12, yet another mismatch.

With all options examined, none of the provided expressions are equivalent to the original expression of -9x - 6.

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