Comment on the dominant variety of prose (narrative,expository or descriptive) present in each of the following passages.write a brief appreciation of each passage in about 260 words each.


Answer 1


Narrative prose

Narrative, as in, it recounts to a story as opposed to just offering a depiction of something or a clarification of an idea.

Prose, as in, written in sections of sentences instead of stanzans of lines as a sonnet would be.  Narrative prose is the normal style of talking and composing, with nonattendance of musicality, rhyme, mood and different characteristics of the idyllic structure . It comprises of the ordinary discussion individuals use to convey what needs be rationally.

The message in exposition is objective and not uncertain, on a specific subject, for instance. It is a type of writing wherein the work is written in exposition, rather than verse, and recounts to an authoritative story through activities. Many composed works are composed on this structure, including a lot of artistic works and increasingly present day bits of fiction.

At the end of the day, story exposition is the type of fundamentally every customary novel at any point is composed.

Expository Prose

An exposition prose is a scholarly type of composition composing or narrating that points in enlightingen its reader and uncovering an issue. Its like an unmistakable exposition yet it goes for not depicting an occasion yet uncovering it as something of concern or worth.

In creation examines, explanatory composition (likewise called work) is one of the four conventional methods of talk. It might incorporate components of portrayal, depiction, and argumentation. Not at all like innovative or enticing composition, which can engage feelings and use stories, explanatory composition's basic role is to convey data about an issue, subject, technique, or thought utilizing realities.

Descriptive Prose

At the point when you watch a film, the majority of the "portrayal" is accomplished for you by a camera and an amplifier. The sum total of what essayists have are words. So you have to utilize those words to enable the peruser to see and hear (and smell, taste and contact, as well). You can utilize them actually ("she wore a red dress"). Or then again you can compose all the more allegorically.

For instance; it's difficult to depict the exact look on a character's face when they're in an incredibly foul state of mind. However, on the off chance that you state that their face resembled "the sky before a tempest," perusers will get the thought.

Answer 2
Answer: First, you have to know what is the idea of a prose.
By definitions, a prose is a written or spoken language in its ordinary form. It has no metrical structure.

Then, the next thing you need to know is the definition of a narrative, expository and descriptive. In this way, you can be able to start writing your thoughts about each passage.

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Which best describes the climax of the story?Story:1 Chris and Taylor have been neighbors for years. During the summer, they enjoy biking on the trails in town. Chris always has to remind Taylor to wear his helmet or else Taylor forgets. Every time that happens, Chris makes a joke about it and says that because he is older, it is his duty to remember. He adds that having red hair and freckles helps his memory. 2 One afternoon Taylor suggested that they ride their bikes into town for lunch at the diner. Because Taylor had been saving his money, he offered to pay for the meal. When Chris asked how he earned the money, Taylor replied, “I mow the lawn and take out the trash.” Suddenly Chris seemed upset. His face turned bright red, and he quickly pedaled home. 3 The next day, Taylor was playing basketball in his driveway when Chris rode up on his bike. Taylor wiped the sweat from his sunburned face and slicked back his brown hair. He smiled at Chris, who smiled back and said, “I’m sorry for getting angry yesterday.” He explained that he got mad because he helps watch his younger sister and feeds the family dog but does not get paid. 4 The two friends shook hands and happily played basketball for the rest of the afternoon. Chris made his usual jokes about things, and Taylor kept forgetting the score of the game—things were back to normal. Use the selection to answer the question(Sorry you had to read all that.)
If you use someone else's words, you must be sure toA) put paraphrases around the wordsB) put parentheses around the wordsC) put quotation marks around the wordsD) underline the words
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This prehistoric period lasted from about 10,000 to 3,000 years ago and was characterized by the use of pottery, stone tools, and a semi-nomadic lifestyle?
If money or image were no object

Change the sentence from assertive to exclamatory:- 1. It is a very charming sight.
2. It is so sad that my friend is no more.
3. She sang very well.
4. I wish I had the wings of a bird.

eg:- 1. It is a very charming sight.
answer- what a charming sight​



1. What a charming sight it is!

2. How sad it is that she is my friend no more!

3. How well she sang!

4. Had I the wings of a bird!


Assertive or declarative sentences are sentences that make statements or assertions. They end with a period.

Exclamatory sentences are sentences that express great emotion such as excitement, surprise, happiness, and anger. They end with an exclamation point.

The way you will transform an assertive sentence into an exclamatory one depends on the structure of the sentence.

  • She sang very well. - How well she sang!
  • I wish I had the wings of a bird. - Had I the wings of a bird!

What does the quote by Elie Wiesel "Whoever listens to a witness, becomes a witness" mean?



"In years to come, visitors will enter this “Emek HaBacha” [Valley of Tears], the Yad Vashem Valley of Communities, to remember what our people lost during the cruelest of our tragedies, and they will weep in the same way as pious and learned Jews weep over the destruction of our Temple long ago. But then they will emerge and see the splendor and majesty of Jerusalem and they will smile, thinking, “Look at these visible and tangible memories we have kept alive just as they have kept our dream and ourselves alive…” Just behind me there is Buczacz. Buczacz – the place where Shai Agnon was born. Shai Agnon said a marvelous thing in Stockholm when he received the Nobel Prize. He said, “Majesty, like all Jews I was born in Jerusalem, but then the Romans came and moved my cradle to Buczacz.” … There are many museums in the world, but the source is here. I have worked in at least one museum, if not two, for many, many years, and nevertheless, in the city of Jerusalem, I must tell the truth: This is the heart and soul of Jewish memory.

Hope this is what your looking for!


Brainliest please?

Start with one of the following sentences and write a paragraph that creates a picture for your reader. Use concrete, specific language and vivid comparisons wherever possible. By the time I arrived, the house was a mass of flames. As soon as the game ended, the crowd poured out onto the field. If you’ve never seen the ocean, you’ve missed a great experience. There are really no words to describe it, but I’ll try.



If you’ve never seen the ocean, you’ve missed a great experience. As you scan the horizon, the expanse of sparkling deep blue water extends to the azure sky. As you approach the shoreline, you feel the fine cool mist driven by the breeze as waves crash loudly on the gritty sand. Mounds of water form as if by magic, donning bubbly caps of white as they grow taller, curling as they race toward the beach. If you are on the Pacific coast at sunset, and there are a few clouds near the horizon, you will enjoy a spectacle of light and color as the reddening sun paints the clouds in hues of gold, crimson, and scarlet as it dips below the edge of the water, and purple dusk settles over the scene.


There is an example. I tried to incorporate images with shapes and colors,  feeling, and movement.

I hope it helps!

Mrs Andrews was preparing a budget for next year because she takes quite a few prescription drugs, she will reach the coverage gap, and wants to be sure she has enough money set aside for those months. She received assistance calculating her projected expenses from her daughter who is pharmacist, but she does't think the calculations are correct because her out-of-pocket expenses would be lower than last year. She calls to ask if you can help.


I’m not sure what the answer would be because there’s no question

What does this excerpt reveal about the setting of the story?It is a work site with dangerous equipment.
It is a tourist destination with unfamiliar sights.
It is a more heavily populated town than Buck has ever seen.
It is a colder climate than Buck has ever experienced.



It is a colder climate than Buck has ever experienced.


Jack London's "The Call of The Wild," tells the story of a domesticated dog Buck who ended up being sold and then driven/ made to work in the Yukon areas. The story contains the adventures that Buck was driven to in his new atmosphere where he finally realizes his true nature.

The narrator describes Buck's first experience in the wild in the given excerpt. He mentions how "Buck's feet sank into a white mushy something very like mud. He sprang back with a snort..." and how this "puzzled him". At the same time, "the onlookers laughed uproariously", which adds to the fact that this must have been Buck's very first encounter with snow.

Thus, the correct answer is the fourth option.


D. It is a colder climate than Buck has ever experienced.


The person above me is correct also I got it right on the edge test

Help please .............


1. B, in the parentheses are the stage directions. Ex: "hesitantly" describes how Lee should behave with his speech and "walks away" describes where Chandra is going.

2. A, Chandra is clearly not new and does not seem to notice the weird behaviors such as the mice. She even seems to be used to such actions.