Which was a key to writing and ratifying the U.S. Constitution? Please Help I really think its B
willingness to compromise on all sides

refusal to compromise on any side

compromise by one group of delegates

the impossibility of compromise


Answer 1

 the Constitution was a document that was written with a variety of factors, perspectives, and desires at work. Because of this it was vital that the parties involved could compromise on issues such as state representation, the powers of Congress, the Executive, and the Legislature as well as other issues of the time such as slavery and the determination of counting slaves a part of a population. Therefore, the best answer to this question is most likely A.         

Answer 2


its A


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A guy named John Roberts is the current cheif justice
 John G. Roberts is the current Chief Justice

Are gender stereotypes used too much in the 21st century?


This is a question that requires an opinion, rather than an absolute answer, so you should answer for yourself;)

But I would say yes, and this is especially visible in the media . A very effective comparison is the new Jurassic World movie: Jurassic Park, a movie from 20th century has less stereotypes about women than the 21 century sequel of it (women are weak, women need men, women who have a career are deluding themselves and they instead only want children, etc).

Compare and contrast life in Athens and Sparta


Sparta's military :only for men..They took young boys away at age 7(OMG) But women did have a little Freedom.So they do trained a little. Sparta Government:Sparta is ruled by 2 kings.They had Oligarchy(Small groups of people that rules)And also the council (28 men) ruled or  had power too.And yeah only men could be part of the government.Sparta Education:Boys had education and but not girl.Sparta has a strong Army.NOW its time for Athens......Athens Military:Had a strong navy..But they don't do military training a lot.At age 18 men has 2 years of training..The women stayed home and take care of properties..Athens Education:Women had no education ,just man starting at age 7....Athens Government:They had Democracy...They were ruled by people..Men's over 20 could participate with the assembly (Discuss of how the rules should be made...................SO THIS IS WHAT I GOT
Athens and Sparta were both Greek city-states, but because of the geography and mountainous terrain, the two cities could not unite. Athens was a cultured city filled with music, theatre, art, literature, philosophy, and politics (democracy). Sparta, however, was a kingdom that was totalitarian and militaristic consiting of heavy emphasis on authority and war.

Which freedoms did the northwest Ordinance guarantee?


Answer: Under the ordinance, slavery was forever outlawed from the lands of the Northwest Territory, freedom of religion and other civil liberties were guaranteed, the resident Indians were promised decent treatment, and education was provided for.


Definition of a timeline


The linear sequence that defines a series of events, or a visual line graphed to show events in chronological order. (Chronological means in order of what happened first)

A line with events from a given period of time.

What is one of the conditions necessary for thunderstorms to develop


One condition I think a thunder storm would be nessesary is rain and humid weather
Thunderstorms result from a fast movement of warm, moist air. They can occur inside warm, moist air masses and fronts. As the warm, moist air moves upward, its cools, condenses, and forms cumulonimbus clouds that can reach heights of over 20 km.