____ energy gets converted to ____ energy through photosynthesis.A.Radiant; chemical
B.Chemical; radiant
C.Radiant; mechanical
D.Chemical; mechanical


Answer 1
Answer: A, Radiant energy through photosynthesis turns into energy.
Answer 2
Answer: A:because the suns light is radiant and then it turns to chemical energy to make gluecose a simple sugar that's the plants food
the chemical formula for gluecose is

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Snakes have several behavioural adaptations that help them to survive in hot and dry places. One behaviour that a snake does is to make their head appear larger by spreading it apart. They will also roll over on their back to appear to have a seizure/convulsion to scare away predators. To survive in hot/dry places such as the desert, a snake will use thermoregulation. They do this by laying in the sun at optimal times such as late afternoon, midday, and sometimes early morning. This helps them to avoid the extreme temps. Many snakes can also make themselves blend into the environment around them and look like the surrounding landscape. Snakes have also evolved so that they won't need much hydration in the desert. They will get the water they need from the prey they eat. 

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El cuerpo tiene tres sistemas principales de energía que puede usar para diferentes tipos de actividad física. Estos se llaman:

_sistema ATP-PC (fosfágeno);

_sistema glucolítico anaeróbico o ácido láctico;

_sistema aeróbico, que comprende los _sistemas glucolítico (carbohidrato) y lipolítico (grasa).

Please help me today!



2 is metabolism ,3 is photosynthesis ,6 is atp

All organisms found in kingdom Protista are


All Protista Kingdom organisms are Eukaryotic

Guys I need help!! with biology 1 I don’t understand what the independent and dependent is nor the what causes or what changes! Can anyone help?



5) air temperature - corn sprouting time

6) sacks of fertilizer sold - algae growth

7) cars - pollution levels (sorry couldn't read the full problem, but you get it)

8) distance of flash light - size of illuminated area

9) number of answered questions - score of the final

10) minutes of exposure - birth defect rate

11) amount of vitamin A - weight fluctuation

12) fox population - rabbit population


So as the words speak for themselves, dependent variables are variables that aren't changed by outside factors unlike dependent variables which change based on an outside change. Knowing this, if you reread the problems you will be able to understand it a little bit more.

Animals are associated with ___and plants are associated with



Animals and plants are associated with both divisions and phyla

As kingdom grows the more species are in the classifying group. 

And since there are only a number of kingdom and thousand species, it would account that species changes more rapidly and exponentially grows than kingdoms.