Sally sold 1000987 hot dogs 3 years how many will she sell in 6 years


Answer 1
Answer: so 1000987 in 3 years or 1000987:3 or i like to put it as 1000987:3 
we notice that 6 is 2 times of 3 so we just multiply 1000987:3 by 2 and get 2001974:6
2001974 in 6 years

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You earn $22,000. The tax table says you owe $3,456 in taxes. During the year, your tax withholdings were $5,333. What is your refund?


$5,333 were withheld from your salary, but you only owe $3,456. Therefore, the government will return to you the $1,877 you overpaid in taxes throughout the year. The amount returned is obtained by subtracting $3,456 from $5,333.



Step-by-step explanation:

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A new toy store is giving away 20 modelairplanes; 9 are blue, 6 are red, and 5 are
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C. 1/8

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1.5 km per hour

ngl i could be wrong :/

Consider the equation 5x+7=22What two operations are represented in this equation??

How would you "undo" each of those operations

Which operation should you "undo" first why?? Please I need help


The two operations being represented are subtraction and division. ( subtract 7 from 22, then you have 5x=15, and then divide by 5 to get x=3) to "undo" it you would just use the opposite if each operation (so use addition to add 7 back to 15, and then multiply 5 times 3 to get the original equation on 5x+7=22. I assume you would undo it in the reverse order that you did it the first time. Hope that helped!
You should subtract 7 from both sides and then divide by 4 on both sides and that will be you answer for x and then plug in x to make sure you have the correct answer

The element in group 15 and period 4


Final answer:

The element in group 15 and period 4 of the periodic table is Arsenic (As), which is classified as a metalloid due to its mixed properties of metals and non-metals.


The element that is found in group 15 and period 4 on the periodic table is Arsenic (As). Group refers to the vertical column and period refers to the horizontal row on the periodic table.

Arsenic belongs to the 'p-block' group of the periodic table and it is classified as a metalloid. This means it has properties of both metals and non-metals. For example, arsenic is brittle (like a non-metal) but can also conduct some electricity (like a metal).

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Step-by-step explanation:

Periods are vertical, groups are horizontal

Mark buys a wooden board that is feet long. The cost of the board is $1.50 per 5 1/4 foot, including tax. What is the total cost, in dollars, of Mark’s board


it would just be the tot foot time the cost

7.5 X 0.50 = $3.75