What is the solution for this equation 13m-22=9m-6. This is a equation with variables on both sides


Answer 1
Answer: 13m-22=9m-6
Answer 2
Answer: 13m-22=9m-6
13m-9m=22-6  <-- integer signs change when it goes to the other side of the  equal to sign

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10) 1 gallon of water for every inch of the fish's body length.
a) 2 1/2 inches long fish needs 2 1/2 gallon of water.
b) tank: l = 7 inches ; w = 5 inches; h = 7 ; volume = 7in * 5in * 7in = 245 in³
c) no. her fish tank is not large enough for the fish.
volume of 1 gallon of water is 231 in³, water needed is 2 1/2 gallon, so 5/2 * 231 in³ = 577.50 in³ volume.

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Step-by-step explanation:




Step-by-step explanation:

This is a supplementary angle so both of them add to 180°

180°-156°= 24°

Divide £52 in the ratio 11:2


First, get the sum of the ratio. (11 + 2 = 13)

Divide 52 by 13 to find one 'part' of the ratio. (52 ÷ 13 = 4)

Now that we have one 'part' of the ratio, we multiply it by 11 and 2 to get: (£4 × 11 = £44) and (£4 × 2 = £8).

The ratio will be £44:8.

We can check if this is correct by adding 44 and 8 to see if it adds up to 52. (44 + 8 = 52). It does, so it's correct.

A company offers premium cable for 39.95 per month plus a one time setup fee. the total cost for setup and 6 monthes of service is 264.70.a.write an equation in point slope form to find the total price y for any number of monthes x.(hint:the point (6,264.70)is a solution to the equation.)
b.write the equation in slope intercept form.
c.what is the setup fee?​


Final answer:

The setup fee for the cable service can be found by creating an equation using the given point and solving for the y-intercept. This y-intercept, in this context, represents the setup fee.


Firstly, we understand that the cost per month for the premium cable is $39.95. Considering this cost as a rate, we can say that the total monthly cost can be calculated by multiplying the number of months with the rate per month. The setup fee is a fixed cost, and thus it doesn't change with the number of months.

To find this setup fee, we need to find the y-intercept. In this situation, the y-intercept, denoted usually as b in the slope-intercept form equation y = mx + b, is the setup fee.

So let's solve it step-by-step:

  1. Given the point (6, 264.70) substitutes into the equation as x and y. We can set up the following equation from this point: 264.70 = 39.95*6 + b.
  2. After multiplying and subtracting, we solve for b. The value of b comes out to be the setup fee.

So, the setup fee is found out by subtracting from the total cost of 6 months, the cost of the cable service for these 6 months.

Learn more about slope-intercept form here:



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you are 5
Hi there! (7x+1)/4=9. Now, we have to solve for x. 8x+1=36, 8x=35. 8x/8=35/8=4.375. If you want to round 4.375 it would be 5. Therefore, the number is 5.

I'm getting confused when i look at this question:Two Liters of ice cream are divided equally into nine bowls. How much ice cream are in TWO Bowls, to the nearest Millimeter.



2/9 = 0,222 this is liter what in milliliter will be 222

so in two bowls are 2*222 = 444 milliliter ice cream 

hope you missed there above this Millimeter and really this wan being milliliter 

hope helped