What letter comes next


Answer 1
Answer: If im not wrong, is seconds, minute, hour,day,month and year so the answer is Y 

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Which activity is not a strong discussion technique?A. Rehearsing discussion responsesB. Asking clarifying questionsC. Assessing the claims of discussion partnersD. Supporting conclusions with evidence
If your gonna answer plz just answer them all...
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How did jeh macdonald die


He passed away after suffering a stroke! 

Which sentence is written in second-person point of view? He had never been as scared as he was now.
Hyun had never been as scared as he was now.
I have never been as scared as I am now.
You have never been as scared as you are now.


D You have never been as scared as you are now

He had never been as scared as he was now.

Help! Answer if you know the answer! :)What form is the underlined verb in the sentence?

Stella is jumping on the bed again.


past participle


present participle


I believe it is D/ past participle.

How can u use base ten blocks to find 2.16 divided by 3


0.72 is your answer just line them up like this:

       3 .00                                      



    0. 72

do 216 / 3 then divide your answer by 100

Your state government is planning to stop the payment of registration for ssce students in your state. Write a letter to the governor, giving him at least three reasons why the government should continue with the gesture of good Will



14, Prince Williams street,

Lagos Island,

Lagos State.


17 February 2020.

Mr Babajide Sanwoolu

Executive Governor Lagos State,

Government house,


Lagos State.

Your Excellency Sir.


I hereby write to you in respect of your proposed intention to stop the payment of students SSCE examination in the state.

Firstly, I would like to use this opportunity to bring to your notice your excellency Sir, According to Fredrick Douglass, educated people are unfit to be a slave, A man of knowledge knows what he wants in life and how to go about getting it. It is practically impossible to enslave an educated man. His excellency sir, I’m sure you don’t want our young populations to be slave fit.

Secondly, The parents of some of these students you pay for their SSCE exams are not economically buoyant, which can result to the children dropping out of school. People often say readers are leaders, this is an opportunity to train the young population to take up the mantle of this state in the near future, uneducated people are unfit to paddle the affairs of the state in the future, I would like to plead with you to continue educating the potential leaders of tomorrow.

Thirdly, we have several social problems we are dealing with already in the state today, stopping this payment would have an effect in the state by spurring more difficult social problems in the state. Some potential scholars would be on the street creating nuisance because of their lack of adequate education.

Your excellency sir, I would like to plead with you not to stop the payment of the students SSCE exam. kindly be assured of our continuous corporation and support for the work and progress, peace and unity of our dear state and the country at large.

Yours Sincerely,

Hero Heroine

Write one original sentence for each of the following seven sentence patterns: S-V-DO (Includes S-V-DO-OC) S-V S-V-IO-DO S-LV-PN S-LV-PA EXPLETIVE-VERB-SUBJECT (Inverted sentence)


S-V-DO - She bought a book.
S-V He swims.
S-V-IO-DO I cooked him a meal.