What was the battle cry of the colonists


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Answer: The battle cry so to speak of the colonists was the famous phrase "no taxation without representation." The colonists believed that they were being unjustly taxed by Britain and therefore had reason to revolt to overturn this injustice and others they felt were being imposed on them at the hands of Britain. 

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Do muslim's believe in that there is more than one God?


NOPE, not at ALL.
I am Alhamdulillah muslim so you are getting this from a PRIMARY source.
We believe that there is only ONE God, and his name is Allah.
He has no son, and no relatives, and he is the Almighty & Powerful.
We believe that Jesus (may peace & blessings be upon him), is his prophet, and nothing more of that.
We pray DIRECTLY to God, and don't substitute him for ANYTHING!
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Yes, they believe in Allah and Muhammad. However they believe that there was a man named Jesus but they don't believe he's the son of God.

How is the migrating to find work cultural as well as an economic effect of imperialism



Imperialism can operate in more subtle forms that are cultural as well as economic.


In general terms, imperialism is the extension of one country's influence into another. Sometimes this can be a conscious process like through diplomacy or military actions as the United States is said to be exercising imperialism in the Middle East in recent decades, but it can also occur in more subtle ways. Like the way that economies around the world are becoming more and more focused in consumerism like the Western model of a free market. Migrating to find work in this sense is not just economic imperialism, it is the product of cultural forces as well where the definition of a higher standard of living is tied to purchasing power and becoming a urban consumer.  

How were the Egyptians protected by their physical environment?


The Egyptians were very efficiently protected by their geographical surroundings; enemy armies would have had to travel long distances through deserts or via boat over oceans to enter Egypt.

Egypt was protected by the Mediterranean Sea to the North and the Red Sea to the East, with only a relatively small strip of land connecting Egypt and Africa with the Eurasian land.  To the South was the Sahara Desert and to the West was what is no known as the Libyan Desert.  Basically, from all directions, enemies would have had to overcome significant geographical borders to reach the Egyptians.

Which of the following environments is not found in Nigeria?RAIN FOREST


the answer is rain forest because over the years, people in Nigeria cut down lots of trees, for lumber  and it led to deforestation. They mostly have oil mines now.

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Explain some of the ways that the war a­ffected women.


There are many ways the war effected women. One of the main ways women were effected by the war was the lack of men which inturn allowed women to truly take control of the country and do the jobs there were not allowed to do, many of the jobs were physically demanding and very tiring.

How did Yorktown's location help the American forces


It helped them because Yorktown was located on a river and this allowed the French Navy warships to prevent British escape by sea.