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“I began training with
Paola Di Lanzo Pilates & Fitness six years ago when I was playing a lot of polo. Initially, I decided to take pilates lessons as my lower back was tight and inflexible. After just a few weeks training twice a week, not only did my flexibility increase greatly but so did my core strength and performance playing polo. I have since retired from polo however I continue to train with Paola so as to maintain my fitness, flexibility and core strength.”

Eric Wilkinson


Counselling and psychotherapy, two of the “talking therapies” provide a safe environment in which one can freely and honestly communicate with a licensed practitioner who is bound by an ethical framework for good practice established and maintained by licensing body. (UKCP)

Our Counselling sessions give the client a chance to rediscover who one really is, to review past behaviours and attitudes that may be causing the client difficulties and thwarting full growth.

The session offers a confidential and non-judgemental opportunity to facilitate personal development and a redefinition of one’s goals, plans and hopes within a realistic framework.

The four main areas for therapy are as follows:
*Distressing symptoms- anxiety, depression or unrealistic fears or phobias.
*Inability to think rationally (thought disorder).
*Problems in social, and interpersonal functioning that disrupts work, social and personal relationships.
*Feelings of dissatisfaction regarding one’s life and accomplishments.