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“I began training with
Paola Di Lanzo Pilates & Fitness six years ago when I was playing a lot of polo. Initially, I decided to take pilates lessons as my lower back was tight and inflexible. After just a few weeks training twice a week, not only did my flexibility increase greatly but so did my core strength and performance playing polo. I have since retired from polo however I continue to train with Paola so as to maintain my fitness, flexibility and core strength.”

Eric Wilkinson

Pre/Post Natal Training

Pilates and pregnancy go hand in hand, this exercise with Yoga are two of the best forms of exercise to do during and after pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a time where you undergo enormous physical, emotional and hormonal changes. It is also a time to maintain health and fitness.

Paola Di Lanzo and her trainers have pre and post natal specialist certificates and are experienced at delivering a safe programme which is tailor made to the individual as no two pregnancies are the same.

Paola practised and taught Pilates and fitness throughout her two pregnancies and has taught many pregnant women over her 20 year fitness career. As pilates and pregnancy is Paola’s specialty area she has become very well known in the Fulham/Kensington/Chelsea area for her pre/post natal classes.

Whether you choose to do one-on-one classes or you join our studio group classes Paola and her team will make your training experience unique. With each trimester there will be a modification to the exercises to ensure you are training safely and comfortably. Through out the pilates and pregnancy course you will gain strength and suppleness, keep the core muscles strong including pelvic floor and deep back muscles, improve postural muscles that weaken with pregnancy and prepare you for the birth.

The programme will be sure to help alleviate any negative side effects of the pregnancy such as lower back pain, sciatica, pubis symphisis, swollen extremities and weakened pelvic floor muscles.

For many women regaining the post pregnancy body is important. Although our bodies can never fully achieve the pre baby body we certainly can rehabilitate the body back into shape making you feel strong and confident.

Exercising after having a baby is quite important for many reasons, not just regaining your figure. As the weight of the baby increases the stress on the spine and core muscles increase thus shifting the spine. Along with this the muscles and ligaments are weakened due to a pregnancy hormone called relaxin. It is important to regain the strength in the areas that have been weakened in order to correct your posture and pelvic floor muscles.

Our programme will help you gradually improve your strength and build up your stamina at the pace we feel is appropriate for you. This will benefit you greatly with every day demands placed on you with a new a baby.

WE OFFER GROUP PRE/POST  NATAL PILATES AT MANUKA STUDIO PARSONS GREEN. For more details on pilates and pregnancy, please call 07798 622370 to enquire.