Pilates at Home

"Paola teaches us at home in a group of 3 and we think she is a fantastic Pilates teacher. Her classes provide a challenging workout but we keep each other motivated and enjoy each lesson. Paola is great at keeping the momentum of the class going and making sure that we work as well as having a bit of a chat whilst we are at it. We all feel the benefits of the class in terms of our core muscles feeling stronger and would recommend small group lessons whole heartedly."

Heidi Plant

Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton is an extremely passionate Trainer and Coach.

Scott has covered the most ELITE and sought after training in the industry with FASTER and reached the standard of FASTER Training Expert.

He has learnt from and works alongside some of the very best Functional Performance Coaches and Physio-therapists in the business.

This has helped him to gain valuable knowledge, expertise and professionalism to which he has developed into his own unique style of training in order to help you achieve your long- and short-term goals which include  promoting lean body mass and/or toning whilst providing a great cardio-vascular workout.

Scott has also undertaken a weight loss guru practitioner’s course. This has given him the ability to communicate with clients on a level of understanding that COACHES instead of INSTRUCTING.

• Functional Performance Enhancement – Working with movement to assist the core to be able to handle day to day activities.

• Functional Therapy – Working with the body to achieve successful movement patterns and recreate the ability to move through movement patterns that were once problematic and /or painful.
• Functional and Kinetic Tissue Rehabilitation – Muscle tissue release during problematic movement patterns using tools to assist recovery form injury
• Weight Loss Guru Practitioner – Working with the underlying causes of attitude towards food and coaching with how to practice new skills to find food that makes you FEEL good.

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