Pilates at Home

"Paola teaches us at home in a group of 3 and we think she is a fantastic Pilates teacher. Her classes provide a challenging workout but we keep each other motivated and enjoy each lesson. Paola is great at keeping the momentum of the class going and making sure that we work as well as having a bit of a chat whilst we are at it. We all feel the benefits of the class in terms of our core muscles feeling stronger and would recommend small group lessons whole heartedly."

Heidi Plant

Katt Henderson

The human body is a complex machine and eating ‘good’ food provides the necessary fuel and nutrients required for growth, repair, maintenance and recovery.
Katt’s love of food and desire to help people reach their goals has grown with her from an early age, influenced by her father’s agricultural background and inspired by her mother’s career in the medical profession.

Originally from New Zealand, she has over 14 years experience within the hospitality industry and arrived in London to follow her aspirations of a career in nutrition.

Her studies in London began at Kensington Chelsea College which enabled her to study nutrition in more depth at St Mary’s University – recognised internationally for its excellence in Sport, Health and Applied Science. Through the school’s academic tutors, scientists and professors, Katt has built on her knowledge and strengthened her scientific understanding of nutrition. She is able to help you understand the importance of healthy eating, how food can influence your mood and performance, and how to ensure quality of life.

Her knowledge and experience gained through her background as a professionally trained chef allows her to design recipes and develop meal plans to suit your individual needs and taste, and her service is offered to enhance, support and improve every aspect of your lifestyle, helping you to feel great, and be at your best.

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