Pilates at Home

"Paola teaches us at home in a group of 3 and we think she is a fantastic Pilates teacher. Her classes provide a challenging workout but we keep each other motivated and enjoy each lesson. Paola is great at keeping the momentum of the class going and making sure that we work as well as having a bit of a chat whilst we are at it. We all feel the benefits of the class in terms of our core muscles feeling stronger and would recommend small group lessons whole heartedly."

Heidi Plant

Abi Mendonca

When did you discover your passion for fitness? 

My passion for health and fitness was born, somewhat unromantically, out of necessity!

I have always danced from a young age and have trained hard and been fortunate enough to work professionally as a dancer for most my adult life – so health, fitness and well being became a requirement to maintain the high standards I set myself, and for keeping my body in a good condition!

The wonderful benefits reaped both physically and mentally sparked me into making it a part of my everyday life alongside dance.

Who inspires you?

Anyone who pursues what they want; for me it’s inspiring to see the drive, ambition and tenacity in someone, I have quite a few friends like this. Also my Nan; she’s a very selfless person who has been behind me the whole way growing up. 

Why did you choose to teach at PBB?

I took a class to try it out when I heard about it from friends and found the intertwining elements of ballet, yoga and Pilates technique within a dynamic yet flowing workout had me hooked. The classes are engaging, challenging, fun and (obviously!) a great workout – I really wanted to have the opportunity to teach something like this that I believed in.

Where did you study fitness and health? 

I graduated with a BA hons degree in dance theatre from Laban Conservatoire for Contemporary Dance and am mid way through my fitness and personal training diploma – I adore yoga so will take a teacher training course for that in the not too distant future. 

How do you stay motivated? 

First and foremost, the absolute certainty that I will feel amazing after a workout – that blast of endorphins and feeling wonderful about doing something good for yourself.

It’s sometimes hard to do, but not being too harsh on yourself if you slack off a bit – we can’t all be running on 100% the whole time! 

Keeping it varied and sticking with the things you love, but trying something new once in a while always helps – and above all knowing that by doing this now I’m helping myself to stay healthy and supple for as long as possible! 

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