“I have known and trained with Paola for five years and her dynamic sessions have been transformative, improving my posture and strengthening my core. Her classes work better than any corset ever could! I have also found that she is a genius at keeping dreaded symptoms like lower backache at bay.”

Olivia Falcon
Tatler’s Health and Beauty Director





















“Two years ago I was suffering from terrible lower back pain, which towards the end of the day would become  almost unbearable. Part of this was due to an old injury to the coccyx but mostly due to the fact that I had had three children in five years the last two only eighteen months apart. Worsening this problem was pushing a very heavy double push chair. I had been seeing an osteopath for a number of months who would be able to alleviate the problem to a certain extent but the pain would always return as soon as I started lifting the children and pushing the buggy again. My pelvic area was weak, out of alignment and above all exacerbated by an exaggerated curve in the lower spine. I got in contact with Paola when my osteopath and I could not fully benefit from treatments unless I started to strengthen my core muscles. After about 6 sessions with Paola I noticed that I was no longer suffering from lower back pain at the end of the day. I was sessions down the line and I could see that the curve in my spine had decreased. My osteopath noticed a difference too and commented on my improved flexibility and strength around the abdominal area. I continue to train with Paola on a regular basis and only have to make very infrequent visits to the osteopath.”

Lara Hind


“After having 3 children quite close together I felt that I had very little time for myself nor did I have the motivation to start an exercise routine.
After three pregnancies my core muscles had taken a beating so I felt very weak in my lower back and abdominal area. My girlfriend had been
training with Paola and recommended  I start training with her.

As Paola travelled to my home it was extremely convenient for me time wise as  a busy mother of three.

After just a few sessions I could feel the difference. And after about 20 sessions I could really see and feel the difference in my body. My core strength has increased and so has my flexibility.

I feel so much more motivated now and attend several exercise classes on a regular basis. I feel like I’ve got my body back!”



Fulham I started training with Paola as I felt I needed another dimension to my fitness routine. I’m a dedicated tennis player and play a few times a week. Along with my tennis I was attending a spinning class. I had a tendency for tight muscles so I felt I needed a release through out my whole body. Along with that I have suffered back ache due to a slight scoliosis which made the strength on one side of my back much greater as well as tighter.

When I started Pilates with Paola gradually I felt the muscles releasing and my flexibility increasing. After many sessions with Paola my flexibility was greatly improved as was my posture and alignment in my back. The muscles I used in Pilates were completely different to the ones I use in Tennis and in a spinning class. My deepest postural muscles and core became strong which in turn assists me in Tennis.

As I enjoy classes to be quite strong I particularly like Paola’s routine as it is strong and dynamic with a variety of both traditional and current functional exercises. The outcome is  toned, leaner longer muscles!

Stephanie Capuano